Obaship Tussle: I Was Targetted For Assassination – Otunba Akeem Adigun

by Oluwamuyiwa Oyedele

Otunba Akeem Adigun, popularly known as Socopao, has revealed that he narrowly escaped being assassinated when thugs attacked his convoy as a result of the obaship tussle in Agosasa, Ogun State.

Socopao said that he was on his way to meet the Honourable Commissioner for Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs in Abeokuta on  Monday; the Commissioner had earlier invited both parties for a meeting at 3:00pm. On his way, some thugs waylaid his convoy, brandishing cutlasses and other dangerous weapons.

According to him, he would have been killed if not for the intervention of his security personnel who protected him against his attackers.

“On Monday, I got a call from the Commissioner for Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs, Honourable Ganiu Hamzat, to come to Abeokuta for a meeting regarding the ongoing obaship tussle in Agosasa. So, I got ready and we hit the road.

“On getting to Afa River — the road between Agosasa and Ibatefin, some thugs jumped into the middle of the road, while some mounted motorcycles (Okada). One of them had a dagger while others brandished dangerous weapons like cutlasses, axes and charms. They had done the same thing the previous day (Sunday) on my way from a meeting with the members of Ajirobiadodo family (the rightful Ruling House to the obaship stool). We were attacked and I never retaliated.

“So, our convoy was abruptly halted and one of them jumped down from the bike and attempted to open the door by my side; then, my escort got down and the guy held him by the jugular and brought out a dagger, the policeman hit him with the gun butt and he staggered and then held the gun and attempted to snatch the gun; so, he was overpowered and he took to his heels, then, the policeman shot to the air apparently to scare the other three, it was then that the policeman fired the one that took to his heels. He fell down and the dagger fell off his hand, if not for my orderly, I would have been a dead man now”.

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