“Naija Vamp” Nollywood’s First Vampire Series, Set For Hollywood

by Oluwamuyiwa Oyedele

Nigerian-American actress Yetide Badaki has collaborated with American producer and director, Prentice Penny, to produce a new Nigerian TV series titled Naija Vamp.

Born in Ibadan, Yetide has made a name for herself in Hollywood over the years and is at the forefront of pushing Nigerian content to the global market.

The series will become Nigeria’s first Vampire-based TV series.

According to Afrocitik, Badaki, who is best known for playing Bilquis on the Starz series, American Gods, will be working on the project alongside Penny, Sebastian Jones, Chris Pollack, and Alex Soler.

The much anticipated series centres on Bisi, a Nigerian vampire protagonist, who is on a journey of self-acceptance by the society.

According to Deadline, the plot also revolves around a Nigerian vampire’s hunger for eternal love beyond the flesh.

Penny noted that, “Yetide has created something extraordinary in Naija Vamp. It feels like the perfect blend of horror and comedy from a perspective we don’t get to see enough but need more of.”

At the moment, no date has been announced for its release.

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