My ‘extra large’ pen*s is a ‘gift from God’ — I’ve slept with over 1,000 women

by Emmanuel Okikiola

An Irishman with an “extra large penis” calls his jumbo johnson a blessing that’s allowed him to sleep with over 1,000 women, and become an uber-successful porn star. The “divinely endowed” former plumber spilled on his titanic tallywacker on the Channel 4 series “My Massive C–k,” in which “massive” men describe life with a plus-sized penis.

“My big d – – k is a gift from God,” boasted Andy Lee, 34, whose willy measures a whopping 10.5 inches while erect — nearly double the US average of 6 inches. The Dublin native even reportedly unzipped his pants on the show to flaunt his massive phallus, which he claims is the biggest in the Emerald Isle, the Irish Mirror reported.

While most on the series complain about their mammoth members, Lee claims “my size has benefited my life.”

“Some men on the Channel 4 show cried about how it negatively affects their lives – but it has only brought me fame and fortune,” bragged the Dubliner, who reportedly earns £10,000 ($11,568) per week on OnlyFans.

It’s been a schlong road for the self-proclaimed “most googled Irish porn star in the world,” who reportedly grew up in inner-city Dublin with “no money.”

The future skin flick star moved to Australia in 2008 when he was 18, then to London at 21, where a chance encounter at the gym paved the way to porn stardom — call it divine skin-tervention.

“A fella just said that I have a really big c – – k and that I should go into porn, so I did,” described Lee of his “Boogie Nights”-evoking rags to riches story.

Interestingly, after filming “some solo videos,” Lee ditched porn to become a plumber, only to return after his workplace found out about his salacious side hustle, the Irish Mirror reported. In other words, he came full circle.

“I’ve been doing porn full time ever since,” said the plumber-cum-pornstar, who now resides in London. Not one to discriminate, Lee makes “porn videos with men and women,” although he insists that he’s “not gay” and that “it’s just for money.”

The benefits of a behemoth bulge have been more than just monetary.

“I’ve been with over 1,000 women,” claimed the Irishman, who boasts over 382,000 TikTok followers. “When I launched a TikTok account, I was contacted a lot by Irishmen and women. Some wanted to get into the industry and some wanted sex with me.”

Lee sums up his sex-cess like this: “I was a young Catholic boy from Sheriff Street with nothing and now I am famous for my huge c – – k,” boasted the porn star, who hopes one day to free his willy on late night TV.

Of course, while Lee considers his big member a blessing, other “My Massive C–k” stars see it as a curse. Matt, 39, said he’s been unable to maintain a relationship due to his 10-and-a-half-inch penis, The Daily Mail reported.

He viewed his phallus as a catch-22, explaining: “Being well endowed gets you attention but not affection … if anything, it’s more of a handicap because it’s not something you can bring up. If you bring it up, you’re a bit sleazy, but if you don’t bring it up, it brings complications.”

In another schlong story from the show, Joe claimed he was rejected from a job because they thought his 9.5-inch penis was an erection during his interview.

Meanwhile, Jonah Falcon, the owner of “the world’s largest penis,” claims that his mondo manhood has resulted in a smorgasbord of issues, ranging from not being able to wear tight pants to being stopped at airport security. In addition, his ample anatomy is still growing in girth, which has made oral sex nearly impossible.

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