I’m a cuddle therapist — men pay $1,300 to hold me, but it’s not about sex

by Emmanuel Okikiola

You can cozy up to this beauty — but it won’t come cheap.

A “cuddle therapist” is speaking out about her unusual occupation, revealing that a roster of regular clients pay up to $1,300 for the privilege of holding her in their arms.

Missy Robinson, 43, says hugging helps “heal the body, mind and spirit” and insists her services have nothing to do with sex.

“I am not a sex worker, and I have never had any clients attempt to do anything like that with me,” Robinson told Daily Mail on Wednesday, saying she makes both male and female customers sign an agreement before the healing can begin.

As part of the agreement, genitals and breasts are to be covered at all times and are strictly off limits for touching.

Robinson, a former fashion blogger and publicist who has only been working as a cuddle therapist for a short time, said some of her male clients have experienced erections while they are in an embrace, but it never poses an issue.

“While there is nothing sexual about it [cuddle therapy], sometimes people do become aroused and get embarrassed, but we just deal with it in a mature way,” she disclosed. “Touch can elicit these responses, it’s only natural, but we leave it there.”

The brunette beauty, who served in the Australian Army, also confirmed that most of her clients are male, and she believes their sessions have profound healing benefits.

“I know that men are often the ones who need services like this because they can be overlooked when it comes to mental health support,” Robinson stated, claiming that a lack of touch exacerbates loneliness and can cause overeating and self-destructive habits such as smoking and nail-biting.

However, Robinson revealed that she recently had one female customer who simply needed a “mommy cuddle.”

“She called me after her boyfriend of two and a half years walked out on her without an explanation,” Robinson recalled. “She was devastated … and she had no friends or family in the area. So I went to her.”

The professional cuddler likens her skills to that of a masseuse.

“I work like a massage therapist in some ways, using touch as a way to help relieve people of their pain. The skin is the biggest organ and the gateway to our emotional capacity. Some people hate the idea of being touched, but we are all programmed to need it,” she said.

For those who can’t afford four figures for a cuddle, Robinson offers a range of cheaper packages.

She charges $65 for a 1-hour cuddle session, but her most popular package is a 2-hour cuddle and meal session, which will set a client back $195.

For $1,300, Robinson will cuddle up with a customer overnight, holding them in her arms as they drift off to sleep.

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