I was dumped by younger men –Sharon Stone

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American actress Sharon Stone has stated that she was dumped by younger men.

Speaking to Vogue Arabia, while also posing for a stunning cover shoot, the mother-of-three confessed that while she has had the procedure in the past she no longer undergoes cosmetic enhancements following a near-fatal stroke in 2001.

The 64-year-old actress admitted that her anti-procedure stance came up during a recent relationship with a younger man.

Sharon stated, ‘’It would probably be really good for your ego and mine if I did’, but revealed their relationship then came to an end shortly afterwards.’’

‘’I saw him one more time after that and then he wasn’t interested in seeing me anymore. If you don’t see me for more than that, you’ll please find your way to the exit.’’

Sharon did not reveal who the former lover who dumped her. It was reported that her last known relationship was with rapper RMR, 26, surfacing in June last year ‘dating for several months’.

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