Fuel Subsidy Is An Organized Crime Against The Masses- Peter Obi

by Oluwamuyiwa Oyedele

The Labour Party, Presidential Candidate, Peter Obi recently has lamented that the Nation ’s economy continues to fail and dwindle due to the fiscal recklessness, inability to tackle insecurity and corruption by the All Progressives Congress, APC, led President Muhammadu Buhari Government.

He added that domestic problems, caused by leadership failure, have damaged the unity and cohesiveness of the country and plunged the nation to this deplorable State.

Obi spoke at the Private Sector Economic Forum organised by the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry on Monday. He, also, stated that the successor of the President Buhari administration in 2023 would be confronted with an array of daunting challenges, both domestic and external.

The 2019 Vice Presidential Candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, stressed that the Nation was not bereft of transformative ideas from brilliant minds, but noted that institutional weakness and lack of political will led to poor outcomes that have affected the people.

According to him: “Given our history, politics and governance challenges, moving Nigeria forward would require concerted efforts and a shift from coercive to consensus approach.

“The government that will come in 2023 will be confronted by an array of daunting challenges, both domestic and external

The domestic ones have accumulated over the years, and because of leadership failure, have not been dealt with, and these have impacted heavily on our unity, social cohesion as well as the economic outcome. It has affected us negatively.

“Our country today is bad news. We now have the concentration of the highest number of people living in poverty, the highest number of out of school children, and the highest rate of unemployment.”

He said that “leap-frogging Nigeria from oil dependence to industrial revolution, improving human capital development, and formulating good foreign policy must be brought to the front burner in order to revive the nation’s ailing economy crisis”.


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