December: Nigeria Police Release Ten Security Tips For Christmas Travelers

by Oluwamuyiwa Oyedele

The Nigeria Police Force had released ten security tips for safety purpose to travelers as the year is coming to an end within a month.Knowing that there will be much traveling from every part of the country.

The Nigeria police headquarters deems it fit to sensitise Nigerians on necessary security measures so as to avoid falling prey to robbers, kidnappers and others with evil intentions on Nigeria highways.

The security guideline or tips will enable travelers going for the Christmas celebration to avoid unnecessary incident that could have been averted or avoided while enjoying the reason for the seasons.

These are the Nigeria police Christmas security tips for travellers
1. Avoid over speeding

2. Be on seat belt while driving

3. Don’t drink and drive

4. Avoid taking or giving free rides to strangers

5. Avoid stopping on lonely roads

6. Avoid over loading

7. Keep travel plans discreet

8. Keep emergency phone lines handy

9. Contact nearest police station if the need arises

10. Avoid night journey

The police said they hope majority will maintain the safety warning for better and safe Christmas celebration as it is fast approaching.

They also Wish all travelers a smooth and stress free journey to their various destination and then as them to remember, Police is their friend by obeying traffic rule and men of the force.

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