5 Top Female Arewa Rappers Breaking Stereotypes Through Hip-hop

by Oluwamuyiwa Oyedele

Hip-hop is not a new concept in Arewa. Rap music is fast becoming an integral part of urban youth consciousness in Northern Nigeria.

However, seeing females giving out mind blowing raps is undoubtedly unique.

In Northern Nigeria the male entertainers like DJ AB, Morell, Classiq, Deezell and many more have dominated the hip-hop industry. You would wonder if there are female rappers in northern Nigeria.

By navigating where even some male entertainers fear to tread, female northern rappers are already breaking cultural stereotypes with hip-hop.

Here is a list of female hip-hop artists in northern Nigeria:

1.Haddy Rappia

Kaduna-born Hadiza Ya’u known with the stage name Haddy Rappia started rapping at the early age of 17.

She focuses on the hip-hop genre of ‘Gambara,’ akin to hip-hop street rap or disses tracks.

The product of the Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria and is known to dress modestly.

Rapia’s ability to control the crowd when she has the microphone has been described as very professional. Her lyrics always tries to address societal issues.

She is hoping to become
as big as Nicki Minaj some day. Some of her hit songs include; Tafi, Bosslady, etc.

2. Princess Mufeeda

Another fast-rising rapper from northern Nigeria is Princess Aisha Mufeedah.

Reportedly half-caste, the 23-yr-old rapper was born in Maiduguri but bred in Abuja.

Mufeedah who started making her music when she was 16 years old, was awarded the most promising Arewa female hiphop act (rapper), CAFE, 2016/17.

Princess Mufeedah started making her music when she was 16 and was awarded the most promising Arewa female hip-hop CAFE, 2016/17.

Some of her hit songs include; Sixteen, Hot spot, Leg chain, Ruwan Jiki, Ji mana, and Baza Freestyle.

She makes most of her music in the Hausa Language.

3.Safiya Yusuf

Safiya Yusuf aka Safaa joined the bandwagon of female hip-hop artistes in northern Nigeria only recently.

Yusuf who was a former actress dumped acting for rapping after her leaked nude cost her a role. She left the film industry and recently released her hit single ‘Kwalelenka’.

She is regarded as one of the few lucky artistes to have made a mark within a short period. Safari auditioned for the Arewa24 TV series ‘Kwana Casa’in’ at the age of 18.

4. Lil Pee

Promise Bitrus Emmanuel aka Lil pee is regarded as the Queen of Hausa Hip Hop Music.

She is from Taraba State and was born on January 8, 1997.

The young genius who said she was inspired by Hausa hip-hop artists such as Dj Ab and Morell, among others, started rapping at a young age.

5. Rayya Kwana Casa’in

Originally named Surayya Aminu, Rayya is one female artist you should look out for.

She got the name Rayya after the character she plays in the hit series Kwana Casa’in on Arewa 24.

Though she was born in Lagos to a businessman father, she was bred in Kaduna and is currently studying at Kano polytechnic

The song YANZU NE featuring Bash Neh Pah, Oga Abdul, Lilprince, Janx, and Mickey Deviper was released on 18th June 2022 on Audiomack and other streaming platforms.

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